Monday, July 18, 2016

May 2, 2016 Good Morning America

Well. Mostly just Utah and Hampton Bays. You get the idea.

It's been another fabulous week (like all the weeks as a missionary) and things are going as well as ever in Montauk.

Alicia and Javier are getting married!!!! So excited!! That's kind of the big news so I guess that warrants a story. The first day Elder Peña came here to the Hamptons, we got a call from the St George visitors center, saying that they were chatting live with a lady who wanted a Book of Mormon brought to her by the name of Alicia. We called her right away and scheduled an appointment for the following day. We went over and discovered hat she's actually a member that's been inactive for many years. She was baptized In Mexico, and now has a family with Javier, who is Catholic. The first visit he did not sit down with us, but as he was about the house you could tell he was listening. Sunderland then , we've visited them six or seven times and they have come to church every single week despite being forty minutes away from the church! Yesterday in church Alicia gave the sweetest testimony and talked about how Javier was called into work on Sunday and he asked her if she wanted to go to church by herself and she said that it was his decision and he ended up coming to church! He is the humblest and sweetest father I've seen on the mission and has such good desires. At first when we talked with marriage he didn't want to because he had been in a previous relationship for years that suddenly broke off. But now they want to get married and we are planning the details! His baptism will soon follow.

That's the highlight family for today, although right now we have four investigators that are super solid.

I love being a missionary so much! I know that this work is true. I become more converted to this gospel every day. I know that obedience brings blessings. Disregarding commandments and creating our own gospel is easy - anyone can do it. But obedience, even when we don't understand why, to God's commandments is a continuous pattern both requiring and giving spiritual strength that changes people and saves people. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. I love him more than

anything in this world. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Sirrine

Doing a personality test as a district. Very enlightening....

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