Monday, July 18, 2016

April 25, 2016 Our Beautiful Zone

An inside joke in the mission.  "Looking through the eyeglass of our missionary purpose" - President Reynolds
From photo of Journal page:

April 25
We just had a great Zone Training Meeting.  We personally asked President Reynolds to come, and got along with him, his wife and the mission nurse for free!

Our zone had an epic week and we had some good exchanges.  Elder Johnson is starving his trainee. Madre mia tenemos que hacer que coma.

Yesterday in church I was asked to lead the Priesthood lesson and the Sister’s investigator tried arguing doctrine.  It was truly a miracle that turned out well. Carmelo, our top investigator, has completely rejected such a bright light and strong witness and is now running around with women and stuff.  On the bright side, Liliana Tuba is doing super well and our new family in East Hampton is doing great.

Our beautiful zone.  Except Bermuda

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