Wednesday, October 26, 2016

September 12, 2016 journal pages

from photos of Journal pages

Sept 5, 2016

The weather today was such a tender mercy.  Cloudy, with a cool breeze – it fuels adventure.
That helped me resist the preparation day blues for a few hours, but then we were inside forever and it got me.

Luckily, we started off our PrimeTime on a good note and I was back in the game.  We had dinner at our ward mission leader’s home and then knocked his neighborhood (very wealthy).  We met a new fellow named Michael who could be golden.  Such a miracle.  He’s going through a rough time.  We also got a return appointment with an Islamic family – we’ll see how that goes.
We went with Dominic an also finally taught his mother! The look on his face when she listened to us was priceless.  He said, “Wow.  I guess faith really does work.”

-meeting Michael…he is so prepared.  That was right time, right place down to a window of about 5 seconds.
-Dominic’s mom’s change of heart.  Miracles baby!
-I love Elder Ko because he’s exactly obedient.  No question.

Sept 6, 2016

-we got some great referrals from a less active!
-I love Elder Ko for his generous heart.  He loves blessing others.

Sept 7, 2016

Long day of transfer planning.  With how many new missionaries are coming in, finding all the zone leaders was quite the struggle.
-It’s a good thing the Lord told us to have Sister Panoussi(sp?) train.  It’s nice to feel guided by the Spirit during planning.
-I love how much Elder Ko tries to love me.

Sept 8, 2016

-The situation with the STL’s worked out miraculously, what a blessing.
-I love Elder Ko because he’s willing to receive correction.

Sept 9, 2016

Exchanges with Elder Ramos.  He’s heading out to Bermuda next week.  Hope he’s ready.
-We came by to give a blessing at just the right time and met a member’s neighbor just as she was stepping out, ad she loves missionaries because of Hurricane Sandy!  We are going to get her invited over for a dinner.
- I love Elder Ramos for his intense desire to help everyone.

Sept 10, 2016

Today a man called us and said he wanted to talk.  We quickly figured he was really going through a rough one and was mildly suicidal.  We set up a place to meet immediately, and he left feeling much better with a Book of Mormon.  It turns out, a cashier at a gas station gave him our card which we had given him a few days ago.  Talking with everyone brings miracles.

I love Elder Ko because he is so concerned for others.  The way he tried to take care of a sick Elder Ramos was so much like a mother.

September 5, 2016 Photos only this week

Getting back with the old comp on exchanges! Fun day

We got fried. Well, I guess I got fried.

Elder Ko took me to a Thai restaurant. It's like Chinese food but feels cleaner

Zone 8 exchanges. Two of the very best - Elder Moe on the left and Elder Potheir. I was in the MTC with Elder Moe.

Monday, October 17, 2016

August 24, 2016 Best Birthday Ever!

I have no idea where Elder Ko came across that shirt but it works for me

At the mission home

That man is 6'6". Normally I would look like the big one in that picture but I guess not

Picking up Elder Wright from the airport mid transfer. He's here for the  next two weeks before he heads to Macedonia. He was pretty tired! The next day we went to the UN  Macedonian consulate in Manhattan to pick up his visa and work everything out it was a nice adventure. Oh yeah and that's a minivan we're rocking. It's awesome.   

Yeah we've actually two minivans. Twice the awesomeness.

Exchanges = life
Jamaica man

Does this make us look smart? Benefits of having an Asian companion

A piece of personal study I enjoyed