Sunday, November 13, 2016

September 26, 2016 Journal entries

From photos of Journal pages:

Sept 12, 2016
Picked up some mid-transfers today and the MTC decided to send us one of them a transfer early without telling anyone!  President’s face when 5 new missionaries showed up at the airport was priceless.
- In our planning a few days ago the conversation perfectly covered who was going to be our extra surprise trainer.  Disaster avoided.
- I love Elder Ko because he is just so good at the administrative side of our job.  What would I do without him?

Sept 13, 2016
- I’m so grateful we were able to recover from a rough morning and finish the day with positive energy.  And it was a miracle to catch our neighbors at just the right time to have a great conversation.
- I love Elder Ko because he is forgiving.

Sept 14, 2016
Today we spent all day at President’s planning for the next zone conference and transfers.  After that, we went over to give Candace, a less active, a blessing.  It was such a beautiful experience.  Afterwards, we were prompted to share 2 Corinthians 12 about Paul’s infirmity and the Spirit was so strong.  She was crying as she read it, and I hope this gives her the push to come back.
- I’m so grateful that we were prompted to share that scripture with Candace.  It’s such a blessing to see the Spirit work.
- I love Elder Ko because he always tries to make things better even though he makes mistakes.

Sept 15, 2016
Long day of transfer planning.  Got a new companion, now in a trio with Elder Parrish.  Wow, he is so solid.  He’s going to help.
- During planning we were good and stuck.  We prayed and asked and within 5 minutes had it worked out.  We really felt God’s hand guiding us.
- I love Elder Ko because he is wise and if we didn’t have him we’d be lost.  I can do missionary work – we understand each other real well.  All this administrative stuff goes right over my head.

Sept 16, 2016
Eating at the Chen’s(sp?) is an interesting experience.
- Transfer planning went so smooth and, as always, we really saw the Lord’s hand guiding it.
- Elder Parrish!  I love how funny he is!

Sept 17, 2016
- Was able to teach well and be animated at trainer/trainee meeting.
- I love how dedicated Elder Ko is and that he worked today even though he didn’t feel well.

Sept 18, 2016
- I’m grateful we were able to get Elder Parrish and be on time to the fireside.
- I love Elder Parrish because he is so unquestionably dedicated.

Sept 19, 2016
Picked up new trainees today – great group!  All of them seem to be really solid missionaries, which is unusual.  Two of them are Mexican and don’t speak English, both are super stars!
- I’m glad that we were able to have good conversations with people at the airport and all ran well.
- I love that Elder Ko tries so hard to make your life just a little easier.

Sept 20, 2016
We had transfers, taught leaders conference, and then had a mission home night with the departing missionaries.  Such a special experience.  Some hermanos of mine go home today.  Elder Harris in particular is someone I look up to more than almost anyone.  I will miss him.

Sept 22, 2016
Yesterday we had a personal interview with Tracy Watson from the missionary department.  He and his assistant had the intent of asking us some questions and finding out how Facebook has been implemented in the mission, but after that we kept drilling them with questions for another couple of hours, and it was an amazing experience.  What we talked about will completely revamp what we do as assistants and help us help the mission.  One of the biggest changes is that we have to find more time to proselyte.  We realized that we can’t afford to let our zone leader exchanges be anything less than 24 hours.  They inspired us so much about online proselyting and the new planning system they gave us 8 months ago that nobody can figure out.
We’re going to get this.  And then we’re going to teach the mission.

We spent all day with President scrapping what we had planned for zone conferences and redoing it all.  In the afternoon we asked President to call Brother Watson and ask him if they could work with us on a nightly planning session.  They coached us through planning, and afterward President asked us to run our new zone conference plan by then.  They loved it.  We feel really good about it.  We are asking for some miracles to happen in the next couple of days in order to make it happen.  I’m excited.

Spent the day planning with President again.  Trying to be ready to teach this by Tuesday is flying by the seat of our pants, but we’re getting it.  We brought in a Sister Training Leader companionship to the mission home and coached a daily planning session, which was quite enlightening.

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