Thursday, September 8, 2016

August 8, 2016 The Hampton Times coming to a close

Daniela baptized!
Alicia & Javier did an incredible job fellowshipping Daniela

Dear family and friends,

What a week! God has really been good about loading up on the tender mercies the last week of each of my areas for me. Daniela got baptized on Saturday. She is so wonderful! So pure. The feeling of joy I had as I saw Javier come to Daniela's baptism and knowing beyond doubt that the two of them will not only stay active to the end, but be incredible leaders in the church, was indescribable.

I have loved the people from all my areas but nothing has compared to what I feel towards Hampton bays. I feel like in Hampton bays I became something more. It's nice to feel the approval of the spirit for the last six months. Elder Peña and I grew so much together. He's a stud! I'm now serving in Lynbrook, my companion is elder Ko! He is so awesome! We've known each other for a year now - never thought we'd be companions.... he's Korean and I'm Spanish. But we both speak English so we're going to be rocking it here in Lynbrook. I am looking forward to this transfer so much.

I love being a missionary!! If I thought it was possible to describe what it means to me to be a missionary, I might make a better effort at doing so. But what I can say is that the mission is the best decision I've ever made. It has changed me so much. Why? Because of a total focus on the doctrine of Christ 24/7! He is the one that truly has the power to change us - His grace, not the mission. The longer I'm here he more emphatically I feel with all my heart that I will never not be a missionary. This gospel means everything to me. I know it's true. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Sirrine

Cannot express how much I love he tuba family . They will be getting baptized the coming transfer!

Lucero family

My gangsters. Diógenes and Dionisio.

The district
The martinos blow my mind

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