Thursday, June 23, 2016

March 3, 2016 more from the Hamptons

Sorry I don't have more time to write. I feel bad but probably for the next few weeks I will have little time to write. There's just too much work to do! All I'll report is that Elder Johnson and I are doing fantastic. He is willing to work hard! We are up a half hour early every morning and stop for about 15 minutes for lunch and then rely on the mercies of the world for any food after that (usually works out pretty good actually. Sometimes we fast). Preparation days I've decided sort of disappeared after becoming a zone leader here. Anyways, I love you all and wish you the best! Keep up the good work in the west.

From photo of Journal page Mar 2

A couple of days ago we had interviews with President.  It was awesome, as always.  It’s just so incredible to be able to talk with a man of such spiritual caliber.  And his wife is not one whit behind him.
It really was good.  As of late I’ve felt a little bit down about wondering if I’m really the right man for the job.  It’s hard coming from a place3 where I had so much trust in and from everybody that mattered to be (investigators, members, missionaries) to a place where I don’t know anybody or have their trust.  My companion has been in the Hamptons for a year, in total.
I’m not sure if President sensed any of that, be he seemed to be making an effort to address it.  He told me that during transfer planning, they had never been planning on moving me out here because I was doing so well in the city.  He said that I had been prayed here for a very specific reason.  He said he didn’t know what the reason was, but that he thought it had something to do with my leadership style.  He said other things that brought immeasurable peace to my heart which I will never forget.

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