Sunday, December 6, 2015

November 9, 2015 2 ASL misionaries

(This letter is a response to Dad's questions)

Yeah just got a lot of stuff to do as always. We've stopped "recreating" really on preparation days because there's no time pretty much ever since I became district leader, which is good! I'm thinking about just doing the journal picture thing more often because I always tell myself I will write more next week but then I never do

Hope you get better! Gotta get back in shape for snowmobiling season

Our zone is interesting. We actually don't have any super disobedient missionaries which is good it's just that we are all being pretty ineffective except for the ASL missionaries they're not doing so bad. Actually that's an interesting story: a while back the missionaries discovered that all the ASL speakers here have the same video phone service and they all have the exact same number except for the last two digits. So they literally just sit in their living room and call different number combinations to contact the deaf people! It's genius. And the deaf people love talking to the because they hardly talk to anyone else.

Anyways. Tell the family I love them and do think about them even if I don't write all the time. See y'all in a couple months!

Elder Sirrine

(Photo sent of journal page dated Nov 5…I typed most of it up, hopefully correctly)

We had a great day.  Due to the study focus as of late on faith, I put more effort in our using faith as a principle of power to achieve specific goals (and we set high goals for the day).  We started off by looking up Ulysses.  He was a referral from his mother who we knocked into miraculously.  She wasn’t interested because she already has her church, but we asked if we could leave her with a prayer, and she consented.  The Spirit seemed to loosen her up a bit and we kept talking.  We asked for referrals and she told us her son really needed it, although wasn’t convinced we could get him to listen.  Eventually she said to come back on Wednesday at 10:00 because he leaves for work at 12:00.
So in an attitude of great faith and prayer we looked him up at 10:00.  We knocked with no answer. We knocked again and I found myself repeating over and over in my head, “Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”  It didn’t open.  We left a bit disappointed.  I was so sure.  But as we walked toward the train, I felt an impression to return after our next appointment, even though it would be a couple hours later than his mom said he’d be home.

We went to our next appointment, received the two referrals we’d asked the Lord for plus one (exceeding the average weekly actuals here), and came back.  After some pressing, the woman who answered the door told us that Ulysses was home, but wouldn’t listen to missionaries.  After some more pressing she fetched him.  We had a wonderful lesson and set a return appointment for Saturday.

This was the second new investigator in a few days.  The night before, right after we had just exchanged, we headed from our apartment to go teach English Class.  As a background, we’d had district meeting earlier that day.  We talked about finding, and our leader, Elder Paini (sp?) promised us that if we followed the PMG pattern of quickly relating conversations to the message of the Restoration, we would find a new investigator that day.  I wasn’t sure how that would happen because a new investigator constitutes someone who has been taught  a lesson and accepted a return appointment, but had faith in the promise.

So as we went to English Class we struck up conversation with a man on the train platform.  Long story short, I ended up telling him we were heading to English Class, invited him, and he came right with us.  Maybe only someone from Brooklyn could understand what a miracle that was.  After English Class we had a great lesson and he accepted a return appointment.

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