Sunday, July 19, 2015

June 8, 2015 זה טוב לשמוע ממך‎

 Elder Galke's comp was at the temple so he came to Jamaica where he knew he'd have cool comps! The return of the trainer

זה טוב לשמוע ממך‎   So uh... I think that's Hebrew for "it's good to hear from you"! Thanks for all the emails. It's been fascinating. I'm thinking that either you had a great family counsel in which the participants really felt the truth of the subject matter, or each of you has had a separate experience with this, but everybody has testified to me of one point - that the Spirit works everywhere and is dependent on our attitude and willingness to seek, not our access to special circumstances or knowledge that the general public doesn't have access to. So thank you for the thoughts. I'm glad that Israel is going well! Don't worry about spending time writing me while you area there - just take advantage of every moment there.

As for a quick recap on New York - I had an incredible academic opportunity as well! We were volunteered to provide service at the Global Family Reunion and the New York science center. It's not a church thing, but familysearch was a big sponsor. I'll have to tell you all about it sometime, but it was so cool! I can't honestly say I've ever been excited about family history work before. I had forgotten how much I missed University where you can chill with groups of the smartest people world has to offer and just learn. I met one of the speakers who was a linguist, and I'm with Danai - I want to learn Hebrew (he was actually Israeli). Unfortunately Chinese might have to come before that one and right now I'm focusing on Spanish.

Also tomorrow is transfers and elder Vi and I
are staying, while Elder Honey is out. We were all a bit surprised that Elder Vi is staying. He is famous for he fact that he has done a one-and-done with every single comp except for his trainer. So I'm his first one that's going to last at least two! I'm excited to be staying in Jamaica. Love you all!

Elder Sirrine

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