Friday, June 19, 2015

May 4, 2015 Greetings from Jamaica!

Shoulda seen the park we went to today.  It was a peninsula, the park.. And there is Manhattan. Also we saw President Obama's helicopter in right there.
Manhattan closer
This has been a crazy week. At transfer meeting I was assigned to serve with Elder Vi in Jamaica, Queens, the most diverse of the New York Cities five boroughs.  I am literally one of a handful of white people in the whole borough. Okay I guess that was figurative, not literal.... anyway, I've seen less than ten other whities since I arrived here on Tuesday.  Elder Vi is a big Tongan guy, and he's really cool. He seems like a hard worker, along with the rest of our district. I have a really good feeling about this transfer. In district meeting we set a goal as a district of six missionaries to get 100 new investigators this transfer, in addition to the regular goals of baptism and temple trips.  We are all excited and ready to work. With the time I have right now, the way I would summarize the work is buses, subways, and walking. I'm so excited to be in a walking area! My back is already feeling better and it's a little easier to stay awake when you are walking all day instead of driving.  Sorry I can't tell you more about it, maybe later today or next week.  I've got too much apartment cleaning to do....

Just being American
Departing memories with elder Galke

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