Monday, October 17, 2016

August 24, 2016 Best Birthday Ever!

I have no idea where Elder Ko came across that shirt but it works for me

At the mission home

That man is 6'6". Normally I would look like the big one in that picture but I guess not

Picking up Elder Wright from the airport mid transfer. He's here for the  next two weeks before he heads to Macedonia. He was pretty tired! The next day we went to the UN  Macedonian consulate in Manhattan to pick up his visa and work everything out it was a nice adventure. Oh yeah and that's a minivan we're rocking. It's awesome.   

Yeah we've actually two minivans. Twice the awesomeness.

Exchanges = life
Jamaica man

Does this make us look smart? Benefits of having an Asian companion

A piece of personal study I enjoyed

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