Friday, August 5, 2016

May 16, 2016 Welcome to NY time!

Some background for this letter:  The parents made a trip to NY.  Part business, part fun.  Other than getting to and from the airport, we stayed clear of  NY South mission boundaries.  We did meet ASL missionaries in the halls at church from the NY South mission that attend a deaf branch in Manhattan (inside North Mission boundaries).  That was really fun since they knew our son.  It was ward conference and the Stake President was visiting/speaking.  He is the father of Johnny's former companion that had been temporarily sent to serve near home while receiving treatment for burns on his hands.  Interesting to talk to residents on how to raise children there (good stroller with cargo space a must, and FYI,  NY Costco will deliver any non-perishable items for $5 per load - cheaper than the parking at Costco).  One 8 year resident, formerly from Utah,  said she mostly loved it and it gave her a sense of confidence- "It's hard to live here, but if you can survive it, you feel like you can survive anywhere".

Wow thank you so much for the emails! That was fun to hear that you saw missionaries when in Manhattan. That's so cool that you got to meet the ASL missionaries! Yeah they go to Manhattan a lot for meetings with their northern counterparts. I don't know Sister Seay, but I remember Sister Provard and Elder Larsen! I served with them back when I was a brand new zone leader. So I'm glad I at least did something right!

And that's cool that you met Elder Buckners dad! I never met him but elder Buckner is one of the most extraordinary missionaries I've ever met, very powerful. In fact, if all goes according to plan, he's going to somehow be part of the family ;) still not sure exactly how but we talked about this a lot and we need to be in laws. Elder Buckner was my first district leader in Jamaica. I ended up taking his position later on.

Very interesting the story about the Manhattan mom. Some people really thrive in the atmosphere of New York City. I could see Manhattan life being interesting, although no one can afford to live there

Anyways, thanks for he emails! To bad you don't get to cross the border into the promised land haha if you have extra time you should take the m train one stop out of Manhattan and the Bushwick church is right there! I'd bet anything there will be missionaries there all today eating Mei Wei (a legendary Chinese place right across the the church)

Elder Sirrine

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