Sunday, April 24, 2016

February 1, 2016 Four Man Exchanges

We got stood up on a visit so decided to knock the building. Apparently the top door was just roof access. Pretty cool because you can see the freedom tower on the left and I think the Empire State Building on the right.

Apparently nobody lives up here
This week we had two exchanges with the new style of four man exchanges! That was chaos. I'm sure we will get better at it. One of the elders I was with was with the MTC with me, and it was super cool
to hear him actually speaking Spanish! I guess it's more difficult to realize the difference in my own Spanish, it was fun to hear anbexample of a years difference.

The other elder I went with is a trainee, and he is doing very well, an impressive trainee for sure. Unfortunately, he feels like he's dragging His trainer around a bit. Happens. So we spent a lot of time
on technical training, focusing on talking with people. Unfortunately, his trainer still has extreme difficulties with that, and he even told me that they avoid taking trains when possible because they know they're trapped with the people (that made me chuckle.... That's exactly why I love the trains....) Getting new missionaries to talk to people on the street is a labor intensive process. But by the end of
the day, he was able to walk into a train and do it all by himself with no pushing.

It's been a week of miracles, and I know that God answers our prayers and wants to give us tender mercies. The Book of Mormon is such a great book. Seriously. And I know that it is such a key to a testimony of Jesus Christ and knowing of a His gospel and ordinances, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Sirrine

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