Friday, February 19, 2016

December 21,2015 Christmas Spirit

I'm jealous of all your snow.... I don't think we are having a white Christmas, but true it is easier to get people to listen to you when they aren't freezing.

So the plan we were thinking about for Skype is 12:00 to 12:45 our time, (ten your time). Does that work? We are flexible.

Christmas plans? We might do a zone activity, not sure. We are authorized to do one but we aren't sure how many people will be available. The goal is to visit members. We've got a Christmas Eve dinner appointment and Christmas Day lunch so far. The Christmas program is Christmas Eve. We are going to cram the whole mission into the Rego park mission office... Oh dear... It's going to be fun! So today is going to be spent making music. Hopefully we can get all ready.

I can't wait to do the Stonehenge music when I get back! You're not going to believe this but I'm a way better pianist than I was a year ago. Not having music or time to practice and always having big musical numbers to do has created a pressing need to learn how to compose and "wing".

I'm sure you're Christmas program was great! It's a little bit different in small Hispanic branches haha! Christmas is great although you don't feel it nearly as much here in New York. If you weren't a missionary you might not realize that it's almost Christmas. I do love it when every once in a while someone we talk to on the trains and share the video with opens up and you can see them feel for what seems to be the first time the Christmas spirit this year. I'm glad the Sabbath was a delight for you all! Actually, everybody's stake should be pressing that. That was born in February but it seems to be taking time to filter down all the way. Elder Rasband told us to teach the Sabbath day to members. Back in the pre-general conference general authority conference, the quorum of the twelve presented it as the way we are going to strengthen the church. My testimony of the Sabbath day has strengthened a lot on the mission. As I've made it a delight instead of a nap.

Another thing: have you heard a lot about JustServe?

Love you all, wish I could communicate that better over thumb typing but alas!

Elder Sirrine

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