Sunday, September 6, 2015

August 17, 2015 An Incredible Week!

Wow it's been an incredible week! As always I've got way too much too write about and way too little time. Long story short, this transfer we really have been counseling a lot and trying to think outside of "the box" of how missionary work has been done in Jamaica and in this mission; and the ball has slowly been picking up speed and our productivity is getting better and better and this last week I really think things are paying off.

We saw so many miracles as a district it's crazy. First of all, I have to tell you about Clara. She is a member, single mom with two kids and is such an incredible person. In the last couple weeks she has really caught the missionary spirit and we are working with her a ton. Elder Boden and I are teaching Julio, who is a progressing investigator and a reference from Clara. We are teaching him with her son, Brian who is almost 16. Julio seems humble and willing to look for the truth. We are also teaching Miriam and Pedro with Clara. They have a lot of potential although it's been hard for us to meet with them. Miriam came to church on Sunday and was so intrigued by it. We had a speaker from the stake who taught us about maintaining the home and family and Miriam said "why don't they teach any of this in the Catholic Church?" She said that she felt so good there she was trying not to cry. Ana is another investigator we are teaching with Clara (yay English class!) and she really wants to know the truth but it's difficult because her husband doesn't let her leave the house, and wouldn't let us come to the house.... So English class is he only time we have to teach her. Watching Clara is so incredible. She doesn't have great knowledge but she has such an unselfish desire to help other people. She spends her own time thinking about the investigators and how we can help them. She got so excited when we suggested doing role plays together! I couldn't believe it. She got her kids last night and the three of us taught them the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and we have another appointment to do the same tonight. She is such a sweet person.

On another topic, we finally got a meeting with the Bishop! For the last few months he's been in the Dominican Republic a lot of the time, but on Sunday we were able to meet right before church and council together which was so cool because Bishop Chetty is SO amazing. We were able to talk about how we've been working with the less actives in the area and also about the Friday night activities (we sort of had to take initiative and get that started without Bishop) and get his ideas and so forth. He also mentioned that there was some confusion in the stake setting up the program and there was only one speaker, so he asked me if I could be the other speaker. Can't remember what exactly I spoke about (hope somebody gained something from it) but I just felt really good that the Bishop trusts our district enough to ask a missionary to give a full talk on a few minutes notice. He's actually been calling us quite a bit over the last few weeks and asking us to visit people and asking us questions so I think we are really starting to build a relationship. When I first came to Jamaica, the Bishop as well as the rest of the ward were understandably less than excited about the missionary..... yeah the missionaries, as nothing exciting has happened in over a year and a half. Overall, things are starting to warm up here in Jamaica. I wish I could do more than scratch the surface, but just hope you all know that this work is real and that God's behind it. Miracles are a product of obedience to principles. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen

Elder Sirrine

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